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Flight Translator

When searching for and comparing flight prices, you have to constantly re-enter the same information into a ridiculous number of search fields on each and every airline's website that you visit. Many of these sites fail to allow tabbing through the form and as such navigation is clunky. Google Flights slightly solves this issue with one site for a large number of flight operators allowing easy comparison.

However, there are 3 things wrong with google flights.

  • It isn't consistent with the homepage. Why (especially on mobile) should I have to jump and scroll between multiple tiny form fields in order to input information. One field, especially on mobile where dictation is becoming popular, is adequate for most users.

  • It doesn't save what I've searched for, the saved flights feature isn't exactly what I want.

  • Doesn't have all airlines listed and some prices are occasionally outdated or just wrong.

So in order to solve as many of these issues as I could, I created Flight Translator. It's an aggregator for flight prices with links to multiple major airlines and google flights, with a one search bar system for generating these links. Instead of entering data into multiple fields, it allows you to only enter data into one field. And as such is compatible with voice input.

Instead of flicking between input fields you can just ask "LGW to SFO on the 28th July for 10 days" and a set of links from major airlines will be automatically generated. Plus google flights links will be generated, maximising the number of supported airlines.

Finally, the url variable system allows easy bookmarking of searches. No more saving to accounts, just simple URLS.

Try it for yourself.

Author: Daniel Cotton - Type: Web - Date: 17th May, 2015

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