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Orbit - An out of this world Watch Face (Android Wear)

I was an early adopter of Android Wear, purchasing my first (and only so far) watch shortly after launch, an LG G Watch R. The platform has been evolving ever since, but most exciting was the update allowing custom watch faces. For me, the ability to have an 'ever changing' watch, was the most appealing feature of the platform. I wanted to see how simple it would be to quickly build a watch face for Android Wear.

The most difficult part of this process for me at least, was deciding on the idea and design of the watch face. I found and printed out templates of square and round watch faces and began doodling (badly to be fair, I'm not an artist!) and sketching to find a watch style that felt unique. In the end I decided on a concept I later named Orbit.

I took this initial sketch and recreated it in a vector drawing application, starting to replicate the satellites at first, then the globe, then mocking up how it would all fit together. I came up with the above. Being pretty happy with this for a first watchface, I decided to take the plunge and star building!

Initial steps were to find some documentation and a sample, so that i could see what i needed to build.

Sources for this were as follows:

After this, it was fairly simple! As I only wanted to create a basic watchface with no options, I just followed the example above, simplified the code to remove things like Palette .etc and deployed onto my watch.

The below video shows the watch in action:

Find Orbit on Google Play:

Author: Daniel Cotton - Type: App - Date: 24th Sep, 2015

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