Welcome to my blog!

I'm a Software Engineer at Capgemini, also an "all round techie" who loves building things.
On this site you'll be able to find posts relating to smaller projects I build in addition to some 'behind-the-scenes' type articles about larger projects.

Below are some of my most recent posts.

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- 26th Feb, 2017

Zero to App in < 30 mins with Polymer

Building nice looking, well designed interactive UI for the web is difficult to do both well and with speed. As those who build it, we need to find a way to simplify the process and build the web more efficiently.

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- 24th Sep, 2015

Orbit - An out of this world Watch Face (Android Wear)

I was an early adopter of Android Wear and love the platform. So I decided to make a Watchface for the first time!

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- 17th May, 2015

Flight Translator

When searching for and comparing flight prices, you have to constantly re-enter the same information into a ridiculous number of search fields on each and every airline's website that you visit. Many of these sites fail to allow tabbing through the form and as such navigation is clunky. Google Flights slightly solves this issue with one site for a large number of flight operators allowing easy comparison.

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- 2nd Apr, 2015

Capella Academy of Dance

I was recently tasked with designing and developing a website, logo and leaflets for Capella Academy of Dance. The culture of Capella is to provide a fun, friendly but disciplined environment in which pupils can thrive. Capella focuses on providing opportunities for pupils to achieve personal skills development and further their abilities.

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- 22nd Jan, 2015

Checkout - Shopping, Synchronised

Checkout is Shopping, Synchronised. It's a new service for groups of people, allowing anyone with a computer or smartphone to create and manage a combined digital shopping list within their group, making life and shopping easy. Anything from organising the weekly shop for your household, to creating a shopping list of required materials for a group construction project, Checkout helps you organise as a group.

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- 9th Aug, 2014

Google Style Loading Spinner - Pure CSS

Earlier today I was logging into my google account and came across the google login spinner. As loading animations go, I love this one, as it is just so different from the usual types of spinner that you come across on most websites and yet still worked well.

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